Aprons leather and their advantages

The aprons leather has been used in Waalwijk since the end of the 18th century. The leather aprons of Xapron are still made there by hand and by experienced craftsmen. Good workmanship is thus preserved.

The leather for these aprons are form Italy and they are selected to meet the exacting expectations. When the leather is selected, it then receives the in-house developed special treatment.

Thanks to the in-house treatment, the leather aprons are remakably light and flexible. It is very comfortably en it fits nicely around every body due to its flexibility.

Xapron has different smooth leathers such as: Kansas, Tennessee, Montana, Cayman, New York, Atlanta and Utah. In addition to the choice in quality of the apron, there is also a possibility to choose from different colors. So you can choose from different colors like: black, blue or the classic brown/cognac colored apron.

Thanks to the careful treatment of the leather, the leather is also very resistant to fire, hot temperatures and it is fat splash resistant. This way it will protect you, while you are preparing a nice meal.

Due to a dirt-repellent wax layer, the apron is very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

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