Barbecue and beer pairing

There is no better combination than barbecue and beer. Compared to wine, the choice of different flavor types of beer is much larger and beer is less delicate, so that even something as tacky as barbecue can be enjoyed. You can make a beer pairing with haute cuisine or with a bowl of spicy chicken wings.

Placing the right beer next to a dish can enhance your entire dining experience. But there are endless beers to choose from at the liquor store and that sometimes makes it difficult. How do you find that perfect stout from the rows of specialty beer at the liquor store that goes with your Carolina spareribs.

Bear in a Box
Beer in a Box makes this all a lot easier. They have already made the choice of the best beers and send them to you every 2 months. This way you will be surprised every time with delicious beer that you probably would never have found yourself. If only because they also found all those delicious beers from small breweries that you can’t find at every liquor store.

Which beer fits your barbecue recipe?
There is a variety of beers that pair very nicely with the common flavors of BBQ. The most important thing to remember is that you want to choose a beer that balances the flavors of your BBQ. A beer with exactly the same similar flavors is simply lost.

And the second thing to keep in mind is the heaviness of the beer. You want to match this with the heaviness of the food. For example, chicken or seafood goes well with the lighter beers, while a thick steak or game goes better with heavier beers.

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