Pulled pork from a whole pork shoulder

If you’re talking about bbq (which is different from barbecue), you’re also talking about pulled pork. And that’s not for nothing. After you’ve mastered preparing perfect spare ribs, it’s time for pulled pork. Pulled pork is one of the easiest BBQ dishes to make and possibly the tastiest. The real difficulty is in mustering enough patience to wait for the meat to be pulled.

If you go for convenience, you choose a prosecutor to make pulled pork. It has enough intramuscular fat to protect the meat from overheating and the fat is evenly distributed throughout the meat. As a result, the pulled pork has the same texture and taste after pulling. If we go for the tastiest meat for pulled pork, we opt for pork shoulder.

A pork shoulder is admittedly less fat than prosecutor, but it is full of connective tissue that is converted during preparation into delicious gelatin that melts through the meat as a seasoning. Once you’ve tasted it, you won’t want anything else. And with a big pork shoulder you immediately have enough to feed a lot of people. With a pork shoulder of 6.5 kilos you can make 25 well-filled pulled pork sandwiches.

What kind of barbecue do you smoke a whole pork shoulder on
Smoking a whole pork shoulder isn’t even that much harder than smoking an attorney. But what you do need is a very large smoker that fits the pork shoulder. Of course you can smoke a large piece of meat on your Mastertouch with a little mess, but a whole pork shoulder is really something else.

If you are talking about a very large smoker, then we have the SmokeFire EX6 from Weber. A so-called pellet smoker with a grid surface of 46 x 91 cm. You can also put 2 whole pig shoulders on it. If you are still short of space, there is also a second grid of 25 x 91 cm for the next 2.

What else do you need to smoke a pork shoulder
Oven tray with rack
Aluminium foil
a thermometer

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