The best BBQ Christmas recipes

At Christmas you want to unpack for friends and family. That is why we have listed all our recipes that you will be proud to serve at Christmas dinner. We start with the main course. But if you are actually looking for something else, you can use the following links to quickly jump to the side dishes or desserts.

The main course
What would you like to put on the table for Christmas this year? Whether you just want to put something nice on the table or whether you go for the wow factor. We have listed everything. From a simple tenderloin to a stuffed rack of pork. If nothing is included, then there is no other option than to invite yourself to another BBQ Hero.

Pork rack with baked apple and onion
This rack of pork looks great with the glazed apple and onion underneath. An additional advantage is that it is not immediately the most expensive meat and that we have very good pork in the Netherlands.

Tenderloin wrapped in bacon with balsamic raisins
This beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon is a very easy recipe that will impress your guests. Because what could be better than a nice piece of beef. beef wrapped in bacon. The balsamic raisins are such a nice combination with the bacon that you’ll wonder why you’ve never eaten it before.

Rib roast with grilled vegetables
If you really want to go all out for Christmas, a whole rib roast is a beautiful piece of meat to put on the table. With the grilled vegetables you serve almost a complete meal.

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